DM41 programming tool

Raw file

Dump from calc Code

We recommend to check firmware page and update to latest firmware available.

Import from other formats:

En/Decoder page accepts just RAW format files for program import.
Other input formats could be converted to RAW using hp41uc utility.

Serial console:

Serial console is activated using key compination [ON]+[C] while the calculator is OFF.
We suggest using PuTTY as serial console. It is available for most platforms.
Configure the serial port to 38400,8N1. Here is a picture of a PuTTY configuration.
This is a sample console output of a memory dump using 's' command:

DM41 >>
DM41 >> h
Firmware DM41_V23

?          Help
p          Key press
s          Dump memory
l          Load memory
ct         Console timeout
t          Get time
ts         Set time
td         Update time
d          Toggle display output to console
b          Read battery voltage

Type ' ?' for params
Uptime 116s
DM41 >> s
08  4b000000000000  00000000000000  00000000000000  00000000000000
0c  0000000000019c  1a70016919c175  0000002c048000  00000000000000
174  00000000000000  00000000c8262d  93021036ba0000  402143668e2142
178  225140668e5222  8e042126421242  0010362266ba00  452e2e2e2163b4
17c  45502053504143  06ba0003fd4445  12437120424092  40ce0220512442
180  aa001330244222  00431371457502  40542467b200a9  a80066b2005222
184  42124222517141  42134321413426  2345759303207a  2e2e7e897f3061
188  77f75a45524f2e  4e452e2e2e7e89  2e2e2e7e89f64f  2e7e89f654574f
18c  54485245452e2e  7e892367b300f8  3d9b06f37f2046  537e894585f241
190  9b71f57f20462f  45f27f46f27f3d  226e261a15f156  454c3d9b037e89
194  899c000af54655  9c02a91d9b017e  10322533f2473d  101010361c1510
198  10104035cf6615  61181010421112  56495459a81b31  c000f800475241
A: c000f800475241  B: 0000002c0480fd  C: 0000002c0480fd
S: 00001100000000
M: 00011cd5ff73cb  N: 000000000000c0  G: 00
DM41 >>